About us
Depew Technologies Inc was founded for the purpose to help businesses achieve their online goals. In this day of the digital age with new technologies being invented everyday - someone is innovating our world with the power of technology. Our team is dedicated to providing the resources, knowledge and expertise to start-ups and mid-size businesses around the world.">

Why Choose Depew Technologies

As a company providing, developing and maintaining applications as a service for companies, we understand the internet changes on a daily basis and so must our skills. Companies with the lack of knowledge should not be burdened by this.

Stability 99.9%

Our network is designed to meet any business, Either hosting a website or mission critical applications, we stand behind your our uptime.

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Ideas = Reality

Working with entrepreneurs and startup companies - Depew Technologies Inc. has been developing new innovations for the coming year of 2030.

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Our Support goes beyond any normal support system, we will let our customers speak on our behalf. View our testimonials and our extensive portfolio.

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Welcome To Depew Technologies

Depew Technologies was founded on 2018 after taking over ownership of Global Web Medics Corporation. We strive to provide the same expectation on which was provided, if not - higher.

Our Mission

Provide high scalability websites to the businesses with new modern technologies being implemented at a lower cost then our competitors.

Driven for Success
Our Vision

Provide robust applications to all business no matter the size of the business. Depew Technologies ha s a solution for every company.

Strategy With Integrity
Our Strategy

Provide secure, scalable and redundant servers to all businesses large and small for a fraction of the cost on setup & Maintenance.

Justin Lavecchia

Project Manager & Co-Owner

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Cassandra Connors

Marketing and Co-Owner

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