Mobile App Development

We focus on the Ad Hoc Apps and consumer based apps. Whatever your project may be, no project is to big for Depew Technologies.

It can be safely assumed that your business is in to having a mobile application for your business or have a business built upon it. And since mobile apps these days carry with them immense opportunities, you need a team to develop and fix bugs on the spot.


Before a project can enter a life cycle of development, a plan must be laid out for each screen,

Technologies used

Software development kits:
iOS SDK, Android SDK, Windows Phone SDK

Development tools:
MySQL, SQLite, Core Data, Lucene

Benefits of Mobile App Development with Us

Multiple platforms

Rather we are hired  to begin developing a Graphical MMO (Multi Massive Multiplayer Game) or a Ecommerce app to sell your products; your app will have the ability to be distributed across all platforms.


Just like code, jam packed for off rich features, our expertise and skill are the same. No Task is to big not to be tackled by our team.


Our clients have ideas, which belong to our clients. Same as our Employees who have a dream to make their apps, store or start their own business online. We share one common goal, The American Dream.Lets make our Dreams a Reality together.

Fast & effective development

Did you see that? It ran by your screen! It was a rabbit. That is how fast our development team works and how effective our work is. We work like rabbits and sleep like bats. Awkward we know.

Qualified team

Our Entire team holds license and certifications in many aspect to Computer Programming, Computer Engineering and degrees. This makes our team not just qualified, but diversity in skills.

A firm handshake, a stern look eye-to-eye, that is how we see our projects and customers projects. We sign a contract no doubt, but a contract is useless without the above aforementioned.

We have been developing and designing for over 40 years with our combined experience at Depew Technologies.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in speaking with an Account Manager.