Retail POS

Our software is written and backed by an Open Source community of professionals working along side the WordPress Authors to enable a better experience for businesses of any size.

With our Point of Sale (POS) software, we don’t reinvent the wheel, we just stir the wheel. We don’t see a need to rewrite code unless specifically asked by the client. Hence, we are the I.T Team to make it happen.


Other agencies will send you a bloated invoice full of features already implemented into the platform and make you thank the deal is worth every buck. Our Invoice includes just the labor, the actual cost of the software and its predefined features. We only customize the features to fit your niche of the market.


Technologies used

With the internet spreading like wildfire, so is your competitors. Not to worry, we are here to help! Depew Technologies focuses on implementing and provisioning to production Point of Sale Systems. Our Point of Sale system provides you with a solution for your retail business in-store and online. Get one shared inventory for your online e-commerce store, mobile iPad app, retail point of sale and inventory management system with an aesthetically built website, packed with harden security based on PCI (Payment Card Industry) Standards.

What's Included You Ask?

Our Point of sales system integrates into WordPress, WooCommerce and iOS/ Android Applications to provide your employees with a robust user experience while providing the business owners with a detailed result of each transaction in a customizable summary.

No Monthly Fees

Aside from Web Mastering & Maintaining your infrastructure, you will never pay a monthly fee again.

Easy to Configure

Configured your E-Commerce & POS (Point of Sale Systems) from one central console. Allow the synch to do the work.

MFA Security Implied

Multi-Factor Authentication comes standard with optional enable/disabling setting.

Coupons and discounts

WooCommerce coupon codes are supported at checkout and discounts can be applied to individual products.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing By User Role. Allow your wholesale and team see actual costs or discounts based on their role.

App's Included (BONUS)

Customers and employees will be satisfied in the experience of the POS platform while on the go.


Taxes are automatically calculated based on your store’s WooCommerce settings.


Record a customer’s shipping address and contact details for a particular order so that you can ship it at a later date.

With Depew Technologies well developed WooCommerce and our proprietary white labeled POS to be virtually Anywhere and be fully integrated into the WooCommerce WordPress Website software platform to provide a centralized database for retail selling, inventory management, purchasing at unlimited store locations.

Depew Technologies Corporation aims to make your business, your valuable time worthwhile. In the retail/online store business, it is highly important to know your consumers likes in order to better understand what they want or need, and to retain them as loyal customers. Retail stores enjoy the easy to use feature of our Point of Sale and our system’s ability to track customers’ preferred size, color, style of clothing, etc. so they can better cater to their wants and needs by offering these products at a discount, with a points and reward system or giving away coupons on abandoned cart orders