Technical Support

Our team is available to support your business employees with undisputed results of effectively answering your I.T questions and providing the fix.

We understand that you need help answering your employees I.T questions and just don’t know the answer and do not have the time to sit down and research the problem enough to resolve it.

Our team will composite a full detailed report of the issue, the problem you have faced and a solution to the problem, after it was resolved. This information is stored in your account and is accessible to our team and available upon your request. You can also access theses reports on your own by accessing our Workforce Office. (WFO)

Within WFO, you can see your billing details, our companies time spent assisting your company, tasks to be completed , completed tasks and your company tickets.


What We Provide

Help Desk Ready:
Our team will provide you with a email address to share with your team to send over any support tickets you may have.

Phone Support:
Your team will be able to call and have one of our agents create a ticket for them and assign it to a developer to resolve. You can also call us to get a up-to-date status of the ticket state. Nostell tickets will exist here.

Ticketing Analytics:
You have over 500 employees, 1/4 have a identical issue, we consider this trending and anything 5 tickets with an identical issue will have our team already working to resolve the issue.

What's Included

  • Incident Reporting
  • Help Desk Support
  • Monitoring of Computer systems, Printers and servers
    • System Updating
    • System Patching
    • Application Management (Varies upon application*)
    • Virus & Malware Scanning & Removal
    • System Backup Retention

What Makes Our Technical Support Stand Out


Our agents are trained to be professional and to respect the customers knowledge of computers. We went to school for this, our customers did not nor should they have too. It is our job to teach the customer, and inform the customer of the best decisions.


We assure through rigorous testing and training that our staff is knowledgeable and knows exactly what to do, how to do it and why. Our company is Agile driven, that in itself requires expertise.


Sometimes our team does not have all the answers at the top of their head or at the fingertips for their disposal of use. We have trained a staff to be their  backup. That is support backed by support making our Agile company a true rubberband support,


Communicating effectively, efficiently without using confusing word are tech jargon makes our company better with being open in communications.


With the first 30 days of hiring our company for your Technical Support. You are entitled to a full refund if you are not happy with out services.

A firm handshake, a stern look eye-to-eye, that is how we see our projects and customers projects. We sign a contract no doubt, but a contract is useless without the above aforementioned.

We have been developing and designing for over 40 years with our combined experience at Depew Technologies.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in speaking with an Account Manager.